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We have a dedicated team of Wellness Advocates that can support your needs to understand Essential Oils, all purchases are made directly with the manufacturer, so we are there to assist and help you, as and when required. We continue to grow our network of people that can support these amazing products, you are welcome to contact us should you wish to be part of the team.

Our team of Wellness Advocates are:

Hillie Odendaal is married to Heinrich and they have 3 adult kids.  The family live the moto of Essential Oils South Africa, namely to Help People Become Whole. Hillie has been professionally practising as a Leadership Consultant for many years and has a Master degree in Leadership from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. She is also an Alumni from the Cornell University in the United States. Heinrich is an advocate in South Africa and CEO of an asset management business.

Health and vitality, as part of a holistic approach to healthy leadership, rang true on all levels.  Being diagnosed with Steven Johnson Syndrome (SJS) in 2008, after a 6 ½ month journey through a Tuberculosis (TB) protocol, raised a question in her heart about “how to be healthy and stay healthy” in the absence of chemical medication.

It took time to understand that health does not originate in the doctor’s office, but in every choice we make – what you put into your body and onto your body. It became clear that health is ultimately your own responsibility and daily choice – the understanding of why we choose what we choose, that creates the platform for both health and vitality.

Chemical medication was a no-go option and Hillie had to learn about natural healing and natural medicine, as that was her only option in terms of medication, a field not well known to the Baby Boomers, the quick fix and immediate gratification generation.

Hillie’s journey took her into the most wonderful and inspirational minds – mentors, doctors, scientists, nutritionists, wellness advocates – people she never thought would cross her path.

In 2013 she discovered the work of @seasonjohnson and @carrievitt. Both of them incorporated doTerra essential oils as one of their protocol lines, in the healing journey of their families.  She discovered the works of Dr Z and Dr J Axe and their use of essential oils for health and vitality.  She realised that this was the oil for her, but, unfortunately, it was not available in South Africa.

During this time, she also finished a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University (USA) as well as a certificate in Whole Food Plant Based Cooking (Forks over Knives – USA). Late 2018 doTerra’s oils arrived and their healing properties – the wide variety of options for usage, spoke for itself.

Hillie always tell people: “if oils could speak doTerra’s oils have no problem in terms of their vocal cords”. This beautiful gift of the earth has its own voice and speaks for itself as it assists in the healing of broken souls and broken bodies in a gentle soothing way.

Dr. Lindeque is a Medical consultant to Essential Oil South Africa.

Medical consultant to Essential Oil South Africa.

Dr. Lindeque obtained his Doctor of Medicine (MD) from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He also holds a diploma in anaesthetics from the College of Medicine, South Africa. For the past decade his practice has been situated in Parys, Free State, South Africa, where he focuses on the treatment of degenerative diseases with nutritional and natural therapies. He has experience as a family and ER physician.

He has had good success in the treatment of various disorders including cancer, diabetes, heart and organ failure, auto-immune disorders, and autism. Dr. Lindeque also practices prolotherapy or joint and ligament reconstruction therapy by use of the injection of natural proliferant solutions to help patients avoid orthopaedic surgery whenever possible.

His passion is to help people live a long and healthy life.

Dr. Lindeque is not responsible for the content of the website of Essential Oils South Africa nor any of the practices or actions of Essential Oils South Africa, however will be available for consultation at his medical practice.

Dr. Andre Smuts (PhD) supports Essential Oil South Africa with advice on strategic and wellbeing matters.

Andre is married to Mari, who is a chef with a diploma in culinary arts. He has garnered extensive experience in the corporate and private counselling arena as a Mediator, Facilitator Counselor, Coach and Consultant.

Andre is the Author of the book ‘Wisdom and Wellbeing’ The book is a study and integration of the great intellectual traditions of the Axial age and where they converge with modern psychological, sociological and neurological findings. The aim of the book is to give readers access to cultivate a diversity mindset by exploring the broader philosophical, cultural and scientific perspectives on what defines a life well lived.

Andre is currently busy writing “Paths of Mastery: Beyond Self and Circumstance”. This book combines the three disciplines of Conflict Management, Critical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence. He is the creator of the I.AM. (Integral Archetypal Measure) The system measures both individual and group characteristics, as a tool to delineate and predict individual and group behavioral.

Andre holds a Bachelors degree in philosophy, A Masters degree in Divinity (Comparative Religions) and completed his PhD in Transpersonal Counselling.

Andre and Mari are keen consumers of doTerra products and a member of the Essential Oils South Africa Team (https://www.essentialoils-southafrica.co.za/).

Thys and Karien are a husband and wife team, living in Johannesburg with 4 adult children and 3 grandchildren. They run a successful business and Karien is a teacher in a special-needs school, that includes children who are high on the Autistic spectrum. She has recently introduced the oils in different ways to the children. They have seen some great results and we will share these with you as the testimonies accumulate.

Because Karien is so passionate about helping children, she has begun a study into the use of essential oils in special-needs schools. They hope to see positive results which we will publish in due course.

They were introduced to döTerra by a friend who, because of her own health challenges did a detailed study into alternative medication as well as alternative and natural ways of healing.

They experienced the changes first hand in their friend and her family’s lives, and thereafter others they met along the way, leaving them with no option but to join this amazing, healthy, vibrant and energetic family called Essential Oils South Africa (https://www.essentialoils-southafrica.co.za/). Their slogan of Helping People Become Whole, convinced Thys and Karien to be a part of this journey.   

They realized that they could save a lot of money on doctor’s fees, prescriptions and medical aids, living healthier lives with natural, preventative medication such as essential oils.

Thys and Karien have decided to change their way of living to a healthier alternative, and what fun and enjoyment this journey is.

Mariama, is married to Barry and they do not have any children yet. She is a natural health Consultant with a Bachelors degree in Alternative Medicine (summa cum laude) from Everglades University, Florida, USA.

She has been in a management position at a Health and Wellness Centre in Brooklyn, South Africa, called Pure Living. She was constantly meeting with clients who are either sick and need some effective alternative treatment plans or who are well and wish to stay so. Mariama provided them with advice on the best supplements to take and suggestions on the alternative therapies available such as Body Stress Release, Reflexology, Homeopathy, Iridology and so forth.

Mariama has known about essential oils and their healing properties for some time and have recommended them to various clients. doTERRA’s oils really impressed her at how pure they smelled and how easily our bodies accept them. She fell in love with the oils and are so excited to share them with those people she encounters.

Arinda is married to Chris. Chris was a financial manager, now retired. They have been married for more than 36 years. They have 2 sons, age 31 and 35.

Arinda is a specialist in health supplements and products. She studied BA Psychology from the University of the Free State and started out in the Health Industry in 1991 when she obtained a franchise in a family business, specializing in Chinese herbs, based in Bloemfontein and Pretoria.
In 2008 she started working in a health shop in Brooklyn Mall, Pretoria, for 8 years and were introduced to the whole spectrum of natural products available, from supplements, foods, drinks, all the way to natural skin and body products for old and young.

Arinda currently works at One Life Health Supermarket in Bronberrick Centurion, where she advises and help clients with their health-related concerns and inquiries. She also has her own on-line business assisting clients with herbal remedies – (www.herbremedies.co.za).

She raised her children on essential oils to strengthen and maintain their immune systems and manage general conditions like allergies, light attacks of colds, etc. Essential oils have become a central theme in Arinda and Chris’s life and they have seen how essential oils help people become whole.

We are proud to be associated with Ute and Ken. Ute is a Wellness Advocate with doTerra, under the leadership of Essential Oils South Africa. Ken, used to farm on the Springbuck Flats, then went into dam-building and soil-erosion control management after which he got into property development, they work together as a husband and wife team to provide the highest quality essential oils in the market.

Ute joined The Journey presented by Brandon Bays, in 2008.

Ute’s interest in health and wellness started many years ago when she was asthmatic. She spent time in hospital every winter with an asthma attack, without fail. Learning more and more about health and wellness, she managed to turn her health around. Asthma is no longer an issue. Ute was accredited as a Journey Practitioner in 2013 in the United Kingdom, by Brandon Bays. This is a means of healing the underlying hidden issues which she has combined with essential oils. Ken and Ute have always used the best possible oils available to them in South Africa. When they were introduced to doTerra in July 2019 they were sold. There were just no comparison to the other brands; they changed over to doTerra from other essential oil brands and they are extremely delighted with the results.

The Journey is a profound process of self-healing that Brandon Bays pioneered which has since freed thousands of people from lifelong emotional and physical blocks. The Journey guides people directly to the root cause of any longstanding difficulty and then gives them the tools to finally and completely resolve it.

Schanelle travels the world inspiring health, wellness and healing connections, through intensive transformational and relaxation programs and retreats.
Schanelle is a Certified 500Hour Yoga Teacher Trainer, Breath-Work Facilitator, Reiki Master, NLP Coach, founder of Cosmic Moments and Fresh Mum; and host of Cosmic Moments Podcast with over 12 years of teaching experience.
Schanelle passionately teaches the tools of healing, sharing tools that assist in reprogramming the mental conditioning and aid in alleviating depression and anxiety.
Schanelle discovered the healing benefits of high quality Doterra oils while living in Australia, and has subsequently used a variety of the oils in workshops,classes, at home and with all her clients for various ailments.
Schanelle loves educating people on all things wellness and so teaches workshops on how to make at home products using essential oils to replace toxic chemicals resulting in an all round healthier home.

National Representation of Wellness Advocates: