How to use
Essential Oils?

There are many different ways you can use essential oils, but there are three main applications that will be your go-to when choosing oils for their different benefits:

  • Aromatically – using essential oils in this manner can be calming, invigorating and also help purify the air.
  • Topical – used in conjunction with a carrier oil, like coconut oil, for a specific application as needed and for daily use, supporting healing properties.
  • Internally – used as a dietary supplement to support a variety of healthy and healing conditions and in culinary creations.
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Get Educated in
Essential Oils

Are you connected to someone who can and will help you learn how to use oils effectively and safely?

Some of the most important things we suggest you look out for are:

  • are you connected with someone who has experience using oils and has used them for a while?
  • do you have someone who is willing to educate you and support you through the process?
  • are you investing in education that can help you find new and better ways to use essential oils more effectively, so they don’t become another supplement that is sitting on your shelf collecting dust?
  • DO YOU USE YOUR OILS? Without using them consistently you will never know if they work or not, and you may just miss out on the MOST amazing remedies ever!
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Sourcing and Testing
Essential Oils

Source and Harvesting

The most important thing to consider when choosing essential oils is making sure that EVERY STEP, from the moment the seed is planted, through harvest and distillation, through purity testing and bottling, and all the way until delivery to you, is handled with absolute care. It is the only way to receive ideal extract composition and efficacy.

Recommendation: Purchase directly and use essential oils from a source committed to offering the most tested, highest quality, and therefore trusted essential oils in the world.

Some of the most important things we suggest you look out for are:

  • are the plants grown in their indigenous areas?
  • are they grown free of pesticides and other chemicals?
  • are they harvested with care and at the right time?
  • are the plants sorted properly, so the correct part is distilled, pressed, and processed?

Proper Testing and Labelling

Also, make sure they have been put through a strict line of testing, so you know the oils are the highest quality and purity. This will make sure they have the healing properties you are seeking. It will also ensure that the oils you are using are free of contaminants, so you can be confident in their safety if you choose to use them internally or for your children.

Some of the most important things we suggest you look out for are:

  • are the oils being tested for purity, quality, and the proper ratio of healing properties?
  • are the oils truly 100% pure with no additives and no dilution?
  • are the oils safe for Specific, Aromatic, and Internal use?
  • are you directly purchasing and receiving them from the company that manufactures and sells them, and not from a 3rd party, remember a 3rd party source cannot guarantee that the oils have not been tampered with – this includes pharmacies, internet retailers and individual agents?

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The uses for essential oils are endless and it can be overwhelming. That’s why we are inviting you to reach out and let us help you get started on your own Amazing Essential Oil Adventure! There are literally more than 101 different ways you can use your essential oils: specifically, aromatically, internally, in every room of your home, and in almost every situation of your life… you name it, there’s an oil for that!

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